Humphreys of Henley | Reunite with Friends and Family and Have a Day to Remember

Reunite with Friends and Family and Have a Day to Remember

Reconnect with loved ones on this special countryside day out

It has been a difficult time to say the least and you just really want to meet the new baby of the family and catch up on those special birthdays missed… most importantly you want to reconnect with your wider family. As restrictions to the lockdown slowly lift and places start to reopen, one thing we can now do is meet in family groups of up to six people from differing households, whilst abiding by social distancing guidelines. But how can you create a reunion that feels special and safe?


At Humphreys of Henley we would like to offer you and your family the opportunity to meet at a more luxurious location, for a safe and exclusive reunion to remember. Read on dear reader…
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Welcome to your aristocratic day out in the country

Imagine drawing up to a beautiful Tudor manor house in your chauffeured car, sun on your face and family chattering all around you. Uncle Tom challenges Dad to archery and Millie is giddy with excitement at riding her first pony. You know today is going to be a day to remember!

At Humphreys of Henley we pride ourselves on catering for luxury getaways, whether it is a special day, a romantic weekend, or a real retreat. We do all the research, coordination and planning so that you can optimise every moment of your precious leisure time together.

We are offering you a day retreat at a country manor, with a private chef and fun activities for the whole family.

We understand that the past several months have been hard for you and your family and we want to help you create something to delight, in a space where you can feel safe.

"The last few months have not been easy. Not being able to hug loved ones, or in some cases even see them in person... that is very tough. Now more than ever we wanted to create something that families can look forward to, in an environment that feels safe, yet an experience that is utterly out of this world."

~ Samantha Evans, Founder and Luxury Travel Concierge, Humphreys of Henley

What is included on your aristocratic day out in the country

To make your day with us memorable we are offering a day trip for a small family group (group numbers will widen as restrictions lift further) to a private country manor. This will include:

- Private chauffeur travel to the manor house

- A private exclusive tour of the house and garden with the owners, including the areas you will not see on a public tour

- A private chef for lunch and an exquisite quintessentially English afternoon tea (you can even help with the baking)

- A choice of activities for the whole family ages 8-80. These could include one or a mix of experiences, such as archery, clay shooting, duck herding (yes you read that right!), falconry, horse riding, rifle shooting or Segway riding. You will even get chance to play each other at billiards

Everything you choose will make your day totally unique, because we specifically tailor your experience to your family's desire.

Where will your aristocratic day out in the country be exactly?

Depending on your location and choice of activities there are several manor houses we will help you select from. All these country houses have rich history, welcoming owners, and a relaxing country setting. So, you can expect to be swept off your feet and into the life of the gentry for the day.

Private tours of the property and the gardens will uncover centuries of historical references that have helped shaped English life and you will have plenty of opportunity to explore and play. You could take to the maze with Henry and see who will reach the centre first, or discover secret rooms, or tunnels built during war times.

What can you expect from your activities?

Enjoying your day is what we most want for you, so we have selected the activities we know bring our clients the most joy.

- Archery – We have an expert on standby to help teach you the skills of archery. After a safety briefing and some training, you will get the chance to play archery darts, or scrabble archery. Targets and equipment will be set up for children and adults.

- Clay shooting – We will show you the art of laser clay shooting, to take different shots, whether that’s ‘going away birds’, ‘overhead birds’, or ‘crossing birds’. Again, we have set ups for varying skills and ages.

- Duck herding – Our expert handler and dog trainer will share with you this whimsical country pursuit, so that you can have a go at herding ducks through a simple obstacle course. Tougher than it looks, you will have heaps of fun trying!

- Falconry – We will share with you several birds of prey, from: barn owls, to falcons and even eagles. Your expert handler will display these birds in flight and perched on the gauntlet. You will also get the chance to try flying a hawk during the afternoon.

- Horse riding – Depending on your experience we have a couple of riding options, which vary in length and terrain. We provide routes based on your riding experience.

- Rifle shooting – We typically use air rifles in this activity set to allow everyone to have a go at differing targets. You can shoot against the clock, or against each other to see who wins gold!

- Segway riding – Segways are becoming more popular and are a great way to wander guided routes through the countryside, regardless of your age.

Let us know what lights your fire and we will make it happen.

Concierge Tip – one thing to remember when day-tripping during the ease of lockdown

Humphreys of Henley is taking government guidelines very seriously during the ease of lockdown and so during your day trip there will be elements of what we have come accustomed to in this ‘new normal’. You will find guidance on social distancing and hygiene at all stages of your visit and it is important that you follow these for your safety and that of those around you, including staff. We will happily answer any questions, for reassurance, if you feel unsure how to proceed in a situation – we want you to feel safe and happy. Your confidence is paramount to the continuation of our industry.

We are working hard to make sure your getaways are everything you hoped they would be fun, laughter and connection.