Humphreys of Henley | 5 sensational travel podcasts to soothe your wanderlust

5 sensational travel podcasts to soothe your wanderlust

If you are feeling a pang of wanderlust and can feel yourself reaching for the brochures, then we recommend also reaching for your earbuds, because travel podcasts are a great way to find inspiration about the world around you before you travel.

Enquire about Experience

Which travel podcasts do you recommend?

Society and Culture podcasts are on the rise and among those with a loyal following are travel podcasts, especially anything that has a strong narrative in story telling or includes interviews.

Choosing the right travel podcast for you is all about knowing what you are most interested in when you travel, that might be food, history, culture, or language… or maybe you want something filled with light hearted anecdotes to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine with.

Here at Humphrey’s of Henley we have compiled a list of 5 travel podcasts we think you will love!

1. The National Trust – The National Trust podcast has been going since late 2016 and by now has a good back catalogue of episodes for you to dive into. The idea behind each episode is to uncover stories behind their beautiful collection of British properties, landscapes, and the people behind them.

Each episode takes around twenty minutes and has a wonderful story-telling approach to its subject matter, really exploring the area and what you can experience whilst you are there. It makes for a nice break on your way to or from the office, or just enough time to start winding down for the day.

You can find them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, and other audio platforms.

2. The Big Travel – The Big Travel is a little younger, with its first episode airing back in February 2018… but don’t let this fool you, because this podcast is packed with over 90 interviews with a huge selection of actors, journalists and other amazing characters. Their aim is to uncover those important life stories ensconced in travel experiences.

This is very much an interview format podcast and episodes last for around an hour. This makes it the perfect listen whilst you are taking a break in the garden.

Again, you should be able to find them on all the big audio platforms.

3. Historic England – Historic England’s podcast is entitled ‘A history of England in 100 places’. The concept is simple, to explore each location and tackle the social and cultural references that support why they have made such an impact on English history.

This is very much a social and cultural history tour if you like and episodes range from fifteen to thirty minutes. It is the perfect opportunity to uncover the deeper historic stories behind the places you want to visit… maybe even some of the stories that guidebooks might leave out!

You can find them on most audio platforms.

4. Rough guides – If you are looking for more international content, then Rough Guides is your best bet, because it is very much an audio version of their fantastic guidebooks and blogs, covering social and political travel subjects.

There are just thirty-four episodes so far, but they do include some rather interesting topics from the countries they visit, whether it’s ‘the art of cow calling’ in Sweden, adventure writing tips, or South African women who are standing up against poaching.

With a large following you can find their podcast on most audio platforms quite easily.

5. Field Recordings – This is something quite different and quite fun… all you need to do is get comfy, close your eyes, and transport yourself to the sounds of the world you are listening to. That is right, there is no narration, just a few minutes of atmospheric noises from a land far, far away. We particularly like a recent episode called, ‘Call to prayer, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2016’ by Hana Walker-Brown.

Again, this amazing podcast can be found on most audio platforms.


How do I search for podcasts on my smart device, or phone?

Searching for podcasts could not be simpler. If you have an Apple device, then download their ‘podcast’ app, and use the search function to find one of the podcasts we have mentioned or take a look through their categories. If you have an android device, then their podcasts can be found in the ‘Google play’ app.

If you are looking for an alternative app, then you could try Stitcher, Spotify, or something else… it is worth remembering though that some of these apps may have advertising throughout your listening experience and ad free options may require subscription.

Concierge Tip

If you are planning a trip and wish to take some podcasts with you, then make sure you trial a few podcasts to see which will suit you while you travel, then all you need to do is plug in your ear buds while you relax. Most apps will let you download, or favourite podcast episodes that you most wish to listen too, which is a great tip if you are looking to use your travel time to explore the places you are about to visit.