Where can I watch cricket in England?

Where can I watch cricket in England?


Sir Paul Getty remarked that the opening of the cricket ground at his beautiful Wormsley Estate, when both John Major, the prime minister, and the Queen Mother joined him for tea in his pavilion, had given him "the happiest summer since my boyhood".

It would be hard to find a more picturesque ground than that built by Getty inside his stunning Buckinghamshire estate. As his passion for the game grew, Getty commissioned the building of a pitch, modelled on The Oval with no expense spared. The ground is surrounded by stunning Chilterns countryside and offers superb viewing from the raised bank next to the thatched mock-Tudor pavilion for the players.

The Wormsley cricket ground plays host to the President’s Day on Sunday 9th June 2019, and the Sir Paul Getty XI will welcome the MCC back to Wormsley …recreating the first fixture when the ground was opened in May 1992.

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) is the world’s most famous cricket club, the owner of Lord’s Ground and the guardian of the Laws of the game. Founded in 1787 by entrepreneur, Thomas Lord, it played host to the first match between Middlesex and Essex at it’s original ground in Marylebone. The following year, the MCC laid down a Code of Laws, requiring the wickets to be pitched 22 yards apart and detailing how players could be given out. Its Laws were adopted throughout the game, and the Club today remains the custodian and arbiter of Laws relating to cricket around the world.

The wonderful traditions of cricket are treasured and respected, and the sound of leather on willow can be heard on Sunday afternoons as teams of all levels and abilities battle it out on the beautiful cricket grounds in the towns and villages across the country.

Later this year Australia and England will compete again for the Ashes in a series of matches in August and September. Honour and pride are always at stake for the players and spectators which results in the test matches delivering excitement and fierce competition.

Whether your preference is to see the strategies employed in a 5-day test match or the short and sharp T20 version of the game, you will want to secure you the best seats in the house.