What's the cost of a trip to Blenheim?

What's the cost of a trip to Blenheim?

The wonderful thing about going to Blenheim is that there is truly something for everyone. From the price of a simple entrance ticket, which will enable you to explore the magnificent palace and beautiful grounds which you can buy for just under £30 per person.

However, there are a whole number of different options. If you want something a little more personal, and a little more special maybe, there are some wonderful options for you to explore.

For example, if you are staying in London and you would like to be collected by a driver, driven the hour-and-a-half or so to Blenheim and be greeted by your wonderfully expert guide You will be taken around the palace, hear the stories, hear the history and really feel as though you understand some of what's gone on there over the last 300 years; and also enjoy a wonderful tour of the gardens, seeing the Winston Churchill Memorial Garden and the Temple of Diana and wander through the sweeping parkland. You can then cap it all off with a rather scrumptious afternoon tea in The Orangery overlooking one of the beautiful Italian gardens. ... this type of amazing experience, including the car and the private tour and the afternoon tea, will be about £1,800 per person.

Alternatively, you can choose to go one better, and in addition to your wonderful tour, you have the opportunity to experience an incredible butler tour. This is the opportunity to be led around the private apartments of the Duke of Marlborough and his family by one of his butlers. Butlers see and hear everything, so you have a really intimate, wonderful view of life at Blenheim Palace. And the price for that starts at around £2,500.

If you want to go for the absolute ultimate experience, you can do all of the things that we've mentioned—afternoon tea, fabulous lunch, private butler tour and so on—but you have access to the palace when it's closed. So you can wander through the staterooms, a glass of champagne in hand, with your expert guide at leisure, on your own, and just soaking up every little bit of history and every story that you're told. And then you finish that off with a rather fabulous dinner in one of the private dining rooms—served by your butler, obviously, because no dinner in Blenheim Palace would be complete without a butler. And the prices for those start at around £21,000. So that is why we call it the truly ultimate experience.

So there is something for everyone and we will help you by creating the pricing option that suits your budget.