What are the Best Ways to Enjoy Henley Regatta?

What are the Best Ways to Enjoy Henley Regatta?

Henley Regatta is one of the most wonderfully English events and there are a number of ways to make the most of being there, although it’s not always obvious which to choose.

If you choose to go to Royal Ascot or Wimbledon, you have a number of seating and restaurant options and you can clearly select your preferred option based on location and price.

The Henley Regatta course is 1 mile 550 yards long – how do you choose where to sit for the best view? How do you know where you’ll be able to really soak up the Henley Regatta atmosphere and make it a day to remember? We hope the following guide will help you to make the best choice.

Stewards Enclosure

If you are lucky enough to be invited by a Steward into the members only enclosure, you are in for a real treat. Overlooking the finishing line, the enclosure offers a number of champagne and Pimms bars plus the Mile and Eighth and seafood restaurants. Many members choose to picnic in the car park next to the enclosure, and they certainly picnic in style! Delicious food is served on the finest china and only linen napkins will do.

The Stewards Enclosure is where you will find all of the ‘rowing royalty’ sporting their club blazers with pride, and creating a fabulous atmosphere. In spite of the rules, with which one must abide, the enclosure has a relaxed atmosphere as you can wander around, stop at one of the bars for some champagne or Pimms, or select a front row deck chair from which you have the best view of the rowing.

Phyllis Court Club

Phyllis Court Club is housed in the old manor house of Henley and has a fabulous riverside location on the opposite side of the river to the Stewards Enclosure. It is a quintessentially English members club with beautiful gardens and modern facilities.

They offer private boxes in the newly refurbished Riverside Pavilion, which offers a stunning view of the river particularly from the top tier. You will have your own waiting staff, the balcony from which to watch the racing, and superb hospitality throughout the day.

Phyllis Court Club offers the refined atmosphere of a private members club. It is just lovely to wander around the stunning gardens and watch the racing from the other side of the river. The Riverside Pavilion is beautiful, and you will have a fabulous view of the racing from your private box.

The Start Line at Temple Island

The atmosphere by the start line is thrilling. Watching the first few strokes of each race as the crews get into their rhythm is a demonstration of pure power and athleticism. You have the option of enjoying the hospitality of a wonderful enclosure down by the start line. The food and drink flows throughout the day and you can enjoy the privacy of the enclosure while being right next to the action of the start of each race.

Picnicking on the Riverbank

Sitting on the riverbank, watching the world go by on the river and on the towpath is a rather lovely way to spend a day. You can choose your perfect spot, set out your picnic and enjoy the thrills of the racing and the happy atmosphere of a summer’s day. There are a number of bars and restaurants the length of the course, so you will have your pick of where to eat and drink. Some of them do get very busy on the Friday and Saturday of Regatta so it may be worth exploring the options first.