What are the best ways to enjoy a great day in Windsor?

What are the best ways to enjoy a great day in Windsor?


Windsor is not only a beautiful riverside town, it proudly boasts of royal connections for over 1000 years, although it was William the Conqueror who made full use of it’s strategic position on the river from 1066.

Windsor was the site of one the fortresses that William built as part of a protective ring around London, and that fortress became the stunning castle that sits majestically above the town today.

Millions of people around the world saw Windsor in its full glory in May 2018 when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle. Thousands of people lined the streets of the small market town in glorious sunshine as the British royal family came together to celebrate.

Our guests tell us that they love Windsor because there is something for everyone: young and old, sporting and cultured, on land and on water. Ambling through the cobbled streets, there is a piece of history around every corner from the house in which Nell Gwynn lived when King Charles was in residence at Windsor and Peascod Street which is believed to date back to Saxon times.

Windsor Castle is the highlight for many of their trip to the town. It is reputed to be Her Majesty The Queen’s favourite home and a private tour through the State Rooms and St George’s Chapel is a truly memorable experience. It is worth allowing 2.5 – 3 hours in the castle as there is so much to see. The view of the castle from the Long Walk makes it well worth walking around the outskirts of the castle and down the magnificent tree lined avenue.

There is a fabulous choice of restaurants and pubs in which to enjoy a delicious lunch. Alternatively, you may choose to climb aboard one of the stunning river launches, typical on this stretch of the Thames and enjoy a wonderful picnic while viewing Windsor and Eton from the perspective of the river. Your skipper will share the fantastic tales of the river and some of the more entertaining residents of the beautiful riverside properties.

Horse riding through Windsor Great Park offers a yet another perspective of the castle and the town. The Great Park offers wonderful riding routes whatever your level of riding experience and, as Winston Churchill once said, “No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle”.

If you would prefer someone else to take the reins, a carriage ride through Windsor Great Park is a fabulous alternative. Sit back and enjoy one of the most stunning areas of parkland with ancient oak forests and wide-open deer parks, under the distant gaze of the beautiful English castle.Enjoy spectacular views of Windsor Castle, The Long Walk, and The Copper Horse and learn more about Her Majesty The Queen's childhood home here at Windsor.

Stunning views and fascinating insights into the Great Park provide an experience that you will talk about for years to come. Each carriage tour is tailored to your interests in the Park and Windsor history, and is suitable for all ages. Children as young as three will be kept engaged and those under three tend to fall asleep to the rhythm of the carriage.