What are the best things to do in the English Countryside?

What are the best things to do in the English Countryside?

What would the perfect day out in the English countryside include?

Of course, the answer to this question completely depends on your interests and the style of travel you enjoy.

Some visitors to the countryside are seeking an adventurous experience with thrilling activities, while others are looking to escape the fast pace of the city and relax. Some are interesting in nature, others are intrigued by food, while others are passionate about history.

The good news is: England’s countryside has a little bit of something for everyone.

There are a lot of fun activities that you can include on your trip to the English countryside. Keep reading for some ideas that will inspire you while planning your getaway.

Outdoor Activities

1. Horse Riding

Imagine exploring the peaceful woods, winding lanes, rugged moors and creekside trails of the English countryside on horseback? This is a wonderful way to get around – you’ll be able to cover more ground and you’ll feel like you are traveling back in time.

2. Polo

Why not take the chance to learn the “Sport of Kings”? You can watch a polo match at Guards (the home of the sport) and then learn how to play it yourself. Can you believe that it used to be an Olympic sport, from 1900 to 1936?

3. Tiger Moth Flights

You can see the countryside from a different angle on a flight in a vintage Tiger Moth. Imagine flying over the Thames, Oxford and Highclere and even learning how to fly the plane yourself.

4. Falconry

The ancient art of falconry is a fascinating part of English tradition. During a trip to the English countryside you can try it for yourself. An experienced falconry expert will show you how to handle these beautiful, powerful birds of prey and you’ll be amazed at what they can do.

5. Clay Pigeon Shooting

Shooting clay “pigeons” is a traditional sport loved by the English elite and it can be a lot of fun. On a shooting lesson you’ll get many chances to practice your aim and perfect the art of shooting these clay discs out of the sky.

6. Bird Watching

Taking a stroll through the many paths and nature trails of the English countryside is a wonderful opportunity to spot birds of many different species. Whether you are exploring farmland, wetlands or the seaside you’ll spot a wide variety of species – from the Mistle Thrush to the Greenfinch to the Yellowhammer and more.

7. Rambling

Bring your hiking boots and a thermos flask of tea and set off on a long, relaxing walk through the scenic hills and dales. There’s no better way to see the countryside up close and to find a peaceful and quiet break from a hectic life.

Food & Drink

1. Foraging

Take a stroll through the forest and find delicious treasures – from ripe blackberries to yummy mushrooms and fresh greens. Then, team up with a chef to create a unique culinary creation that you can pair with the perfect glass of wine.

2. Fine Dining

There are some truly stunning Michelin starred restaurants in the countryside, offering top notch cuisine and gorgeous views. Whether you love traditional style cuisine or new culinary innovations, you’re in for a treat.

3. Vineyards & Breweries

Visit a lovely local vineyard or brewery to get a taste of the wine or beer and a glimpse behind the scenes into how it is made. Most wineries and breweries offer private tours and also have pleasant restaurants with great food and relaxing views.


1. Blenheim Palace

Soak up the atmosphere of a more elegant era. This is one of the loveliest privately owned estates in the country. You can take a private tour, have lunch at the Orangery and take a stroll around the beautiful gardens.

2. Windsor Castle

This iconic English landmark is one of the most impressive buildings in the country, so why not have a wander around and marvel at its gorgeous architecture and gardens? We recommend you visit with a private guide, so that you can hear the fascinating stories behind the castle’s very long history.

3. Greys Court

This magnificent Tudor home belonged to the Lords of the Manor of Rotherfield Greys. Also, it was once home to Ian Fleming’s mother. Located near Henley-on-Thames, it’s a National Trust building that is absolutely worth exploring.

Filming Locations

1. Midsomer Murders

If you are a fan of Midsomer Murders, you’ll be thrilled to hear that it was filmed all throughout the Chiltons and in the Coxwells. It’s possible to visit many of the lovely churches, hamlets, towns and villages that have been used for filming locations.

2. Harry Potter

One of the most successful and memorable book series of all time, the magical world of Harry Potter has been brought to life in film. Many of the filming locations for the whimsical story of wizards have been within Oxford and can be visited on a trip to the English countryside.

3. Inspector Morse

Inspector Morse author Colin Dexter has made Oxford his home for quite some time and many locations in the nearby countryside appear in his murder mystery novels. It comes as no surprise that the television show was filmed here as well.

With so many fun things to do in the English countryside, the choice really is yours.

Whether you want your day in the countryside to be active or relaxing, it’s up to you. You might even want to combine two or three of these activities in one day, so that you can create the ultimate trip that caters to your interests. The key is to ask yourself what most excites you about visiting the English countryside, then plan a trip that is focused around your unique interests.

No matter what you include on your trip, it’s sure to be an enjoyable getaway.