Planning your Luxury Escapes in the English Countryside

Planning your Luxury Escapes in the English Countryside

Autumn is one of our favourite times of the year. Not only is it John Keat’s season of mist and mellow fruitfulness with all of the beautiful changing colours, it is the time when our clients are starting to plan lovely things to do in the run up to Christmas and exploring ideas for next summer.

We are frequently asked by our guests and their travel agents how we can work together to ensure that they really get the most out of their precious leisure time. Our guests who have used our services will happily tell you about their experience – how we listened to them, created itineraries that matched what they told us and then, with absolute attention to detail, we ensured that they enjoyed every moment.

Whether your passion is cultural or culinary, sporting or social, we know that there are 4 areas of concern that are felt by many of us when planning a trip:

  1. I want to make the most of our time
  2. We don’t want to miss any of the highlights of our destination
  3. We don’t want to be governed by alarm clocks and schedules
  4. We want the freedom to choose

In other words – how do we find the happy medium between structure and flexibility?

Our Approach:

Planning your trip with your dedicated member of the Humphreys team gives you more flexibility, not less.

  • We will link the knowledge that we have learnt about you and your interests with our unparalleled knowledge of the English countryside to plan your ideal itinerary
  • We know how long you need to spend in a particular location to get the most from it
  • We know the distance and time required to get from one place to the next so how to plan your perfect day
  • We know the activities that will be a little more demanding, and therefore should be followed with time at leisure the following day.

Our focus during the early stages of getting to know you is to understand what will make a perfect weekend away or holiday for you. We all have our passions and taking the time to get to know what interests and fascinates you drives our research, planning and recommendations.

For example:

A wonderful couple who visited the UK from the US earlier this year told me during our first telephone call that he and his partner love food, history and gardens and they wanted to include all three in their itinerary, but they only had 2 days to spend in the English countryside before going to Paris. He then told me that one of those two days would be spent at Royal Ascot (and please could they have access to the Royal Enclosure and could we hire their full morning suit as they wouldn’t have room in their suitcases!).

That gave us one day...

We created a day that that they later described as “magical”, incorporating fabulous food, a private tour and private dining in one of the oldest inhabited stately homes in the country and, led by an expert forager, they explored the stunning grounds and found some wonderful ingredients for their lunch which was then prepared for them by their personal chef. They enjoyed lunch with the Lord of the Manor in the private dining room, loving every story that he shared of the incredible history of his family.

The joy of a good concierge is that we give you more time to enjoy what you love, not less. We offer guidelines and recommended itineraries, but they are yours to change as you go, and we are on hand throughout your trip to enable those changes or just to check that you’re having a wonderful time…and to give those all-important weather updates!

Our promise:

Value for money is a key consideration and we are completely transparent about our fee structure.

We operate a straight percentage concierge fee, so there are no hidden costs and no unexpected extras at the end of the holiday or time away. For those who ask us to arrange a simple day in Windsor, they will understandably pay less than those for whom we create a 10-day all-inclusive countryside itinerary.

What do you get for your money? It doesn’t matter whether we create a simple day in Windsor for you or that 10-day itinerary, you receive the same high level of service and absolute attention to detail at every stage.

From exploratory discussions and meetings to research and drafting of the first itinerary through to amending and finalising the itinerary and confirming all of the details, we manage every step. You are guaranteed exclusive access to hidden bits of the countryside, the best tables at your chosen restaurants and a wonderfully warm welcome everywhere that you go. Our knowledge and expertise are at your disposal throughout the planning stage and for the duration of your visit.


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