The Era of Indulgence and Luxury Escapes Humphreys of Henley TV

What does that Era of Indulgence mean to you?

After three months of stillness and anticipation, we are getting excited about planning trips once again. We believe that with safety being forefront of mind, we have all earned the right to indulge ourselves. Whether that means time, finally, with friends and family again; a breath of fresh air and change of scenery; or ditching the pasta for some fine dining. The options are endless, and AVAILABLE! We have been working with our partners to ensure that we can continue to offer our exquisite experiences for you all to enjoy, whilst remaining reassured and safe.

So use this weekend to dream a little, feel the excitement of planning a trip or an experience and allow yourself to indulge - we all deserve it!


If you would like news and information about hotels and experiences as they open, please be in touch.