How to work with a travel concierge service

How to work with a travel concierge service

The Problems and Solutions of Working with a Concierge Service: Part Three

We think that caution is a very natural emotion when working with a concierge company for the first time or starting to work with one that you haven’t tried before. We all want that reassurance that we are going to get what we want, that we will receive good value for money and that none of our precious leisure time will be wasted doing activities that we don’t enjoy. 

We have encountered 5 main concerns that our customers have in the early stages of our working relationship, some of them may resonate with you.

What happens if I don’t enjoy what we have planned?

This is a key issue for us to address early during our partnership with you. I am delighted to say that it is something we have been asked in the early stages of discussions and planning – but it has never been asked once our customers are here and enjoying all that we have created for them.

Our primary approach to this question is to focus on prevention rather than cure!

From the moment we create the descriptions and stories on the website to our early discussions with you through to finalising your itinerary, our focus is helping you to visualise and imagine the possibilities to enable you to make the right choices for you.

A good concierge goes through a detailed definition stage with you. They will listen and explore all of the nuances of your likes and dislikes to build the right itinerary for you. The purpose of the initial draft itinerary is to check that we have listened and understood and have a good feel for what does and doesn’t work for you.

We also strongly recommend that you spend some time on this before we speak. When asked “What sort of holiday do you enjoy?” most of us can list the types of trips that stand out as some of the best, whether it’s racing down a black run or listening to opera in the grounds of an English stately home.

What would you answer when asked “What made those trips so special for you?” and “Why did you enjoy that so much?”

When we buy a new car, we will have a pretty clear checklist:

    • 5 doors
    • Lots of space in the boot (trunk) 12
    • 0 – 60 mph in 10 seconds?
    • Dark blue etc

A holiday or weekend away is important to most of us, so a checklist seems like a good place to start and will help you to have the perfect trip.

At this point we do have to mention the British weather! One of the reasons that we love to talk about the weather so much is that it keeps us on our toes and, if we are planning anything outdoors, we always have to have a Plan B.

We will give you lots of advice about the best clothing for each experience, but horizontal rain does not offer the best conditions for you to enjoy a fabulous falconry experience. The choice is always yours, and we will happily create an alternative plan for you if the weather does defeat us.


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