How do I guarantee that I'll get the best travel Concierge service?

How do I guarantee that I'll get the best travel Concierge service?

The Problems and Solutions of working with Concierge Companies

We think that caution is a very natural emotion when working with a concierge company for the first time or starting to work with one that you haven’t tried before. We all want that reassurance that we are going to get what we want, that they will deliver good value for money and that none of our precious leisure time will be wasted doing activities that we don’t enjoy.

We have encountered 5 main concerns that our customers have in the early stages of our working relationship, some of them may resonate with you.

    The Battle Against Mediocrity; Will the service and experience be up to our standard?

Whether you’re planning a family celebration, a holiday or a weekend away, you want your plans to be turned into reality. Our leisure time is very precious and putting it to good use enables us to make the most of the rest of our time.

I believe that we are in this battle together and, as the owner of a business that is driven by attention to detail ensuring our guests have the most memorable experience, we need to set the standard and drive from the front.

A good concierge business will be open and explicit about its activities and services. In the best case, they will share their approach to creating the best experiences for you, and this approach will include defined stages to give you the confidence that you will achieve the desired result. The encouraging or warning signals about their competence levels will start appearing early:

    • Have they shared a simple but clear outline of their plan?
    • How far have they explored your requirements and worked to understand what will make your experience perfect for you?
    • Have you been offered off the shelf packages or bespoke itineraries that match your requirements?

Regular and transparent communication is the key to success, and a good concierge will

    • Proactively contact you at every stage
    • Anticipate your questions and concerns
    • Quickly respond to any questions that you may have

Confidence is unquantifiable, but you know when you feel it. You know when your belief in the concierge’s competence is combined with the anticipation and excitement about your planned experience.

That is how you should feel.


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