How much do travel concierge companies charge for their services?

How much do travel concierge companies charge for their services?

As you can imagine, this is a difficult question to answer, as there are many types of concierge services available, many offering different services

  • -Lifestyle
    • Family requirements
    • Vet appointments
    • Theatre tickets
    • Travel
    • Arrange your holidays for you anywhere in the world
    • Destination specific services, like Humphreys of Henley
    • Experiential
    • “Money can’t buy” experiences, such as driving around Silverstone with Lewis Hamilton
    • Exclusive tickets to movie premieres

Many charge a membership fee plus additional services, dependent on

    • Levels of service
    • Additional information
    • Emergency assistance
    • Finder’s fee for tickets

We understand the confusion that exists, because most of the charges are hidden.

However, the primary concern for most customers is not the final bill, it’s whether they will get value for money? Will they enjoy their weekend away….will they make the most of their holiday in the UK? Will the itinerary live up to its billing?

For many, our limited leisure time is so precious, we just want to make the most of it, whether we’re planning a:

    • Night at theatre
    • Long haul holiday
    • Weekend away
    • Special birthday celebration

I explored all of the options when I launched Humphreys of Henley, I looked for a pricing structure that is fair, transparent and, most importantly, delivers value to the clients. The structure obviously also needs to sustain the business and services that we deliver.

We operate a straight percentage concierge fee, so there are no hidden costs and no unexpected extras at the end of the holiday or time away. For those who ask us to arrange a simple day in Windsor, they will understandably pay less than those for whom we create a 10-day all-inclusive countryside itinerary.

What do you get for your money? It doesn’t matter whether we create a simple day in Windsor for you or that 10-day itinerary, you receive the same high level of service and absolute attention to detail at every stage.

We go into our services in more detail in another article, but in summary they include:

    • Exploratory discussions and meetings
    • Definition and summary of requirements
    • Research from our library, contacts and special requirements
    • Create first draft itinerary for approval
    • Booking management
    • Quotes
    • Private charters
    • Reservations
    • Private tours
    • Transfers
    • Lunch and dining plans
      • Dietary requirements
    • Menu planning
    • Dress code advice
    • Detailed itinerary management
    • Final itinerary
    • Good To Know Guides about each of your destinations
    • 24/7 communication during your stay
    • Weather updates
    • Answering questions
    • Ensuring that you’re happy

Our knowledge and expertise are at your disposal throughout the planning stage and your visit, so you have the reassurance that you receive absolute value for money.


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