How much is a Stonehenge ticket?

How much is a Stonehenge ticket?

You can choose to visit Stonehenge in a number of different ways. If you just want to have a lovely, gentle wander round on your own at leisure, then you can book a ticket online for your chosen day. The average adult ticket is about £21.00, turn up at your appointed time and enjoy the incredible history that you'll see in front of you.

Obviously, there are other ways of seeing Stonehenge too, and here are a few other options that you might want to explore.

If you wanted to be driven down there, and just sit back and enjoy the countryside, we can pick you up in a chauffeured car from your location. When you arrive at Stonehenge, you'll meet your personal guide, who will then give you the full inner circle experience. The inner circle experience is available at the very beginning or the very end of the day, outside of public opening hours, but it's quite extraordinary to be able to go inside the ring of stones and hear all the stories, without lots of other people around. If you choose to go that option with your private guide and the inner circle access and your chauffeured car the price is £900.00 per person.

Stonehenge isn't the only location of incredible prehistoric world heritage attractions in the area. If you want to make a full day of it, as we said before, you can transfer by chauffeured car, have your amazing inner circle experience at Stonehenge with your private guide, and then your private guide will stay with you and you can go and explore the extraordinary sites that are all fairly close by, at Woodhenge, Avebury, Stone Circles, West Kennet and Silbury Hill and so on.
So you'll have a full day immersed in incredible history and building your understanding about why these stones were there and how they made these incredible structures. And obviously we will very happily book you lunch in a rather lovely British pub. If you choose to visit all of those sites with your guide, including a car, the price including vat is £1400,00 per person.

You can then choose to go one better. There is nothing like seeing Stonehenge from the air. So if you want to pop along to Battersea, if you're in London or your closest helipad, we will arrange for a helicopter flight to Stonehenge. And you can see the incredible perspective of the stones from the air. You then obviously have your full day exploring from ground level and seeing Stonehenge and the other prehistoric heritage sites of Avebury and West Kennet and Silbury Hill.

David, our favourite guide, has a couple of real favourite pubs to which he will happily take you. And if it's a lovely sunny day, you can sit in the garden and enjoy a traditional pub lunch which is rather lovely. If you choose this ultimate experience, including seeing Stonehenge from the air, it is priced at £10,300 per person, including VAT. So you can choose any options from £21.00 upwards. Whatever your choice, and however you want to see Stonehenge, the options are all there for you to pick your favourite.

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