How much does a visit to Highclere Castle cost?

How much does a visit to Highclere Castle cost?

The wonderful thing about Highclere Castle is there are so many different options depending on the type of day that you'd like to have. If you go online, you can book tickets for one of the many open days that the castle has, including the castle interior and the grounds. They're normally during springtime, focused around Easter, and then usually two and a half to three months over the summer, and then various dates through the autumn and Christmas. A simple access ticket to the Castle, Egyptian Exhibition and grounds cost anything from £25.00 per person.

If you would like somebody to arrange it for us, we're happy to do so. For example, imagine arriving in a rather lovely chauffeur driven car, from London for the day. You’ll be collected from your home or hotel, it’s a simple hour’s journey from London, and arrive at the Castle to then embark on your tour of discovery around the beautiful State Rooms, the exhibition and grounds. You will then be returned safe and sound to your destination of choice. This wonderful experience is priced from £1,100.00 per person for the day.

You also have the opportunity to enjoy the full Downton Abbey experience and be driven to Highclere, as described, and enjoy the tour of the Castle, and the grounds, and the Egyptian exhibition, but also to visit Cogges Manor and Bampton. You can learn the stories of the 13th century farm that has been featured in the series a number of times during your private tour which is the farm in a number of the series of Downton Abbey, and also Bampton, which is the beautiful little village where they filmed so many of the village scenes. It's a beautiful little village, only about 45 minutes away from Highclere. This fabulous Downton Abbey experience including a driver for the day, and all admittance and so on, is priced from about £3,400.00 per person per day.

We are also delighted to offer you the ultimate experience. You can soak up every moment of a private tour of Highclere Castle: it is just you, the expert guide, and possibly even the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon too. You'll be greeted at the door by the butler and you can take your time as you walk through the rooms, listening to your expert guide, hearing the stories, and the history, and just soaking up all of that fabulous atmosphere as you go from room to room. You'll be greeted with a coffee and pastries, or a glass of bubbles and you can even enjoy a delicious three-course lunch or dinner in the main dining room with the incredible Van Dyck painting overlooking the dining table. This is an incredibly special day and costs a little more, it’s priced from £9,400.00 per person. And we can't guarantee it but the Earl and Countess Carnarvon are hugely generous with their time when they're in residence and, if they can, they will pop in and have a chat.

So there are all sorts of different ways of enjoying Highclere. In addition to the public open days, Highclere put on some fabulous different events, from intimate drinks parties at Christmas, so you can see all the glorious Christmas decorations and the Battle of the Proms, in September time, during which you can enjoy the grounds and the castle. The tickets for these special events usually range between about £150.00 and £250.00 per person.

There are so many wonderful ways to have a fabulous day at Highclere. Whether you know it as Highclere Castle or Downton Abbey, you'll have a memorable time at this magnificent estate. 

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