How much does a day in Windsor and Windsor Great Park cost?

How much does a day in Windsor and Windsor Great Park cost?

Windsor offers so many wonderful options for a lovely day out, and you can design the day to suit your budget, your plans and interests. The starting point is quite simply to jump in a car or get a train over to the beautiful little town of Windsor, and buy a ticket for the castle online which will cost you about £22.00 per person. And then just enjoy a lovely amble around the town, maybe stopping at a pub for lunch. Giving you a really simple and lovely day in Windsor.

Alternatively, if you want something a little bit more organized and more structured, we will happily arrange a car to come and collect you from wherever you are in the country and drive you through the beautiful English countryside to get to Windsor. You'll then be met by one of our expert guides who will give you the most incredible tour of the castle, bringing all the stories and the history alive. We always recommend a lovely amble through Windsor Great Park when you've visited the castle, so you can see it from every angle.

We'll reserve a table for you at one of the lovely restaurants or pubs, and that will cost you from £590.00 per person, including your chauffeured journey back to your location.

If you want to add a little bit more and make even more of your day in Windsor, we will collect you from wherever you are and instead of going straight to the castle, your driver will drive you to one of the entrances to Windsor Great Park where you will meet your horse drawn carriage. Your carriage driver will take you gently through beautiful Windsor Great Park, pointing out all of the key points along the way, the castle, Frogmore House and all the key monuments.

He'll then take you to meet your expert guide after which you'll enjoy that fabulous tour around the castle. And then after your tour of the castle, you'll be taken to meet your skipper, climb aboard your luxury river launch and enjoy a rather lovely picnic lunch while cruising down the river Thames, learning all the stories and secrets of the beautiful parts of the river in that part of the town. That price of this fabulous day is from £1,850.00 per person.

You could even choose to go one better. Including your chauffeured journey to and from your location, the wonderful carriage ride through Windsor Great Park and your luxury river cruise... but instead of doing the tour of Windsor castle when it's open to the public, we can arrange for you to have a completely private and exclusive tour of the castle once it is shut. It depends on the time of year, but anytime from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM, it's a little bit later in the summer, you will be greeted and guided through the castle. And it's just you and your expert guide, which is just an amazing experience. And based on a couple doing that, including all of those fabulous things during your day, will cost you about £2,500.00 per person.

So whatever you choose to do in Windsor, whether it's a simple walk around the castle through to the private guided tour when it's closed to the public, the stunning castle set in a beautiful riverside town is truly memorable, and it is well worth a visit, whatever the Windsor weather.


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