How far is it from London to Oxford?

How far is it from London to Oxford?

Oxford is a truly wonderful place to visit and has something for everybody, whatever your budget and however you would like to see it. If you want to just turn up and join one of the group tours that are organised by the local tourist office, there are plenty of those throughout the day. You may even choose to follow your walking tour by jumping on a punt and seeing the city from that perspective.

If you want to do something in a slightly more organised way, we could arrange for example, for an executive car to pick you up from your location in London or wherever you happen to be, and arrange a privately guided tour of the really fabulous highlights of Oxford, including entrance to some of the colleges, so you can see all of the beautiful architecture. It is just over an hour's drive from London to Oxford. And then maybe follow that with a guided museum tour, after which we'll book somewhere lovely for you for lunch, and then you could end your day having a luxury river cruise with an afternoon tea and see the city from a very different perspective.

If you choose to do that kind of day, it will cost from about £1,600.00 per person for the day, depending on what you want it to include.

The options don’t stop there, if you wanted to add some other treats to the day just described, for example a privately guided tour of the world-famous Bodleian Library with one of the library curators, then the price will be £2,150.00 per person. And these prices both include your return car to the location of choice, within an hour and a half radius.

Now, if you really want to go for the ultimate opportunity of exploring Oxford: include all of the wonderful things, including your chauffeured car, the private tour of the colleges and the Bodleian Library and your luxurious river cruise, seeing the beauty of Oxford from the river. And then you could wrap it all up with a truly exceptional experience of dinner in one of the university colleges.
You've probably seen the pictures of the college dining halls, they are just magnificent. The opportunity to have a really fabulous dinner in one of these hallowed buildings is exceptional. The price based on two guests would be £2,500.00, including VAT per person, the price will obviously vary for larger groups, for which we are happy to cater. So you've got everything from a wonderfully, simple group tour and just having a wander through Oxford, through to incredibly exclusive access to the hallowed halls, - the choice is yours.

Whatever the season and whatever the Oxford weather, you'll create lasting memories of a beautiful city.


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