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Your Countryside Concierge Service: Experience the sport of British Aristocracy

Dating back to the 1840s driven game shooting is a discipline that used to be exclusively for the aristocracy and the land of gentry. This is no longer the case and the traditions and etiquette of game shooting have developed with the times. A sport which was once reserved for the wealthy is now available to all with a passion and the resources. Although the regulations around game shooting are increasing, so is the popularity of both game and clay shooting. Driven game is one of the most rewarding experiences. Throughout the day you will experience different drives on a beautiful country estate showcasing the best of the British Countryside whilst challenging yourself to improve your shooting ability. Alternatively, the popularity of clay shooting is on the rise and rightly so. There is nothing more rewarding than breaking your first clay or hitting your first pair. Learning the intricate details and techniques in gun management and safety offers fantastic knowledge into a beautiful firearm. Shooting has no limitations; it is a sport anyone at any age can be involved with as shown by the growth of women participating in the sport which has drastically increased over the past few years. Regardless of whether you are shooting clay or game it is a fabulously social activity encouraging competition between friends. Whether you have never held a shotgun or are an experienced shot, the thrill from firing at a moving target and learning the technique involved is exhilarating. There is very little that can beat being surrounded by nature participating in British sporting traditions.