Hunting is still very much an integral part of everyday life for many who live in rural Britain, whether you hunt with or follow Foxhounds, Harriers, Beagles or Bassets.The hunting season traditionally runs from 1 November to March, but varies from region to region and can be determined by the farming requirements.


Traditionally, you could identify members of a hunting party by the number of buttons on their coat – five buttons for a huntsman, four buttons for a master and three buttons for a hunt member. Since the Hunting Act in England and Wales, only ‘Masters’ and ‘Hunt Servants’ tend to wear red coats or the hunt livery while out hunting. ‘Gentleman subscribers’ may wear black coats.


Hunting has always been an all inclusive activity and we have certainly witnessed this more than ever over the past season. It has been a pleasure to see a wide range of ages participating.


Since the ban introduced in 2004, drag hunting has replaced fox hunting in some areas. It involves hunting down a person with a scented rag who has left a trail for the hounds to follow.


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