We are delighted to offer some of the country’s finest shooting on the most prestigious estates. You will receive exceptional hospitality and have a game day to remember.

Most of the days will include two drives prior to elevenses, followed by two drives before returning to the main house or shooting lodge for lunch. There are often then two more drives in the afternoon completing the day’s shooting.

Whether you would like a day just for one or two or whether you have a group of 8 or 9 friends and family who are looking forward to a days sport together, we will create a fabulous country day for you.

Many of our guests enjoy learning a little about the history of the estate that they’re visiting and a little about the stories behind shooting etiquette – all of this will be sent to you to enhance your enjoyment.





You are offered birds that are suitable for all shooting abilities. We can provide hire guns as well as cartridges on the day. We will also arrange estate loaders on request, and supply in field shooting instructors if you would like to improve your skills on the day.


Observing the traditions and etiquette of game shooting is part of the enjoyment of the day, and many of the estates make the following recommendations about dress code for the day:
  • Tweed cap
  • Shirt and tie
  • Tweed shoot vest
  • Light wool jumper in case it is cold
  • Tweed jacket or water-resistant jacket (green/khaki colour)
  • Possibly shoot gloves in thin leather if it is slightly cold
  • Breeks – mostly tweed, but can be moleskin or corduroy
  • Long socks and gaiters
  • Comfortable and waterproof hiking boots, ankle boots or wellies
  • Lightweight shoes, in case you have lunch in a nice house/room where wellies/boots will not be allowed and only socks clearly will be too cold to enjoy lunch
  • With regards to the breeks, you can also have normal brown/green/beige trousers in moleskin or corduroy and then just pull the long socks over the trousers so they look like breeks.


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