We are delighted to offer you the opportunity to learn the skills and tactics of one of the most exciting sports at the premier home of polo, the Guards Polo Club. You will be following in the footsteps of the finest players in the sport on the high goal polo grounds, where you can soak up the atmosphere and master the skills.

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Polo Sport

Recommended clubs:

  • Guards Polo Academy
  • Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club

We work with many different polo clubs across a number of counties up and down the UK.

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History of Polo

Polo is one of the world's oldest team sports, originating in Persia. Polo was at first a training game for cavalry units, and is now popular around the world with well over 100 member countries partaking in the affectionately known 'sport of Kings'.

Mounted on horseback, players objective is to score goals using a long-handled wooden mallet. It is an exhilarating spectator sport with a fast pace and the thunder of powerful hooves disseminating adrenaline throughout the pitch and stands, but it is also surprisingly simple to learn the basics, which makes it a fabulous experience and perfect for some friendly family competition.  

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Your Masterclass on the Polo Grounds

Your day will include stick management practice on a wooden horse and live action on a polo pony. You will also be introduced to the history of Guards Polo Club and enjoy refreshments on site.

Alternatively, we can offer you a lesson of equal quality at the Berkshire Polo Club, where you will learn the same exciting skills ad tactics on high goal polo pitches. The only difference is that you will be learning at one of the top 5 polo clubs, as opposed to the premier club.

Having demonstrated your skills in the morning, you are invited to watch the professionals mastering their sport at one of the polo tournaments through the season. If your dates coincide, you are invited to enjoy a fabulous afternoon treading the divots at Guards Polo Club, following a delicious lunch. 

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A job well done! I hope this message brings a smile to your face in knowing your efforts and care had an amazing impact on making lasting memories of our English experience in the country.

A Kleber

We had a truly amazing experience! Every detail was attended to and the whole adventure was complete perfection. Much thanks to you for dealing with all of our schedule changes and moving parts.

C Beck

Thank you so much for organising such a splendid and successful day on Friday last, we and all our guests so much enjoyed the day and experience.

D Marcuse

I would recommend you to anyone, your service cannot be faulted

Ian Clout

Everything was splendid. We very much appreciate your fast action in setting up the day. Could not have enjoyed ourselves more thanks to you.

J Cunningham