Kensington Palace and The Royal Horseguards

Kensington Palace

Experience the splendour of Kensington Palace, the tradition of the Horse Guards Parade and the history and tales of the Royal Family from the times of Queen Victoria through to the present day. Home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Princess Kate, and their family in Kensington London.

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Visit Kensington Palace

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High Street Kensington

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Heckfield Place

Stoke Park

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Private Tour of Kensington Palace

We are delighted to offer a personally guided tour of Kensington Palace for you both with Lord Maurice Fermoy, the 6th Baron Fermoy, who is 1st cousin to Diana, Princess of Wales.

Maurice will share the historical and current stories of the royal residents; from William and Mary through the unhappy childhood of Queen Victoria, to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their family. He is not only a member of British aristocracy, his close family ties to Diana means that he will share a wonderfully intimate insight into her life.

He attended the wedding of HRH Prince William to 'Princess Kate' and is happy to share his perspective of the fabulous day. Maurice is also excellent company as a seasoned traveller and is a recognised expert on the vagaries of acceptable etiquette in polite society.



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Secret London: The Royal Horseguard

Maurice has suggested that after your tour he will then take you to a little known daily ceremony at Horse Guards Parade - The 4 O'Clock Parade. 'The Queen's Life Guard', mounted on immaculately groomed horses with breastplates shining in the sun, present a stirring sight as they ride through the streets of London to Change the Guard on Horse Guards Parade. You also have the chance to learn the inside stories of the exhibits in the Household Cavalry Museum, a treasure trove of military history.

The 4 O'Clock Parade started in 1894 when Queen Victoria found the entire guard drinking and gambling while on duty. As a punishment, she said the royal horse guards had to be inspected every day at 4pm by an officer for the next 100 years! The 100 years finished in 1994. The reigning Queen, Elizabeth II, wanted the parade to continue as a tradition.


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