Duck Herding

Duck Herding

Embrace the English country lifestyle for a day with a duck herding experience

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Duck Herding is a very popular outdoor team building activity. Teams will work together with highly trained dogs to guide a group of ducks around a series of obstacles and eventually into a closing pen.

Your farmer, and duck herding expert, will talk you through who he is, what he does, and what you will be doing.

You will be split into pairs and will each take turn to be taught how to guide the dogs left and right and take the ducks between various obstacles then back into the pen. This process demonstrates how different dogs are in character and how you have to bend them and not expect them to work your ways. This is where team building really comes into play as this is a great test in management strategy.

Duck herding is fundamentally an enjoyable test of skill and patience with a possible add in of competition!

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