The Countryside Connoisseurs: Who we are

The Humphreys of Henley team are the experts in sourcing and creating fabulous things to do in the English countryside.

Sam Evans was inspired to launch Humphreys by her love of everything that is quintessentially English and her desire to share the hidden delights of the English countryside.

Sam has used her personal experience of travelling extensively during her corporate career, and applies her understanding of the frustrations of making the most of limited time, and never wanting to have the feeling that you may have missed the best bits.

Having created some imaginative itineraries for friends visiting the area, Sam recognised that it is too easy to just visit the countryside, and not truly experience the heart of England, that can so often be hidden behind closed gates and historical facades.

Proudly based in Henley on Thames, we take inspiration and influence from its rich heritage and traditional values. Henley symbolises the special qualities of English life, and we're confident we have instilled this passion into all that we offer.

Sam studied International History and Politics followed by a successful career as an international consultant, working with a number of blue chip organisations. Sam’s role focused on enabling her client companies to work more effectively and efficiently and, most importantly, to help the individuals to achieve their full potential. The ability to develop strong working relationships and understand people and their priorities has made a significant contribution to the success and growth of Humphreys of Henley.




How We Can Help You

We Deliver Personalised Fulfilment

Experiencing, not just visiting, a destination is an increasing demand from travellers of all ages. The nature of bucket lists is changing: the focus is now on personalised fulfilment and realising one’s potential through immersive experiences.

The Humphreys team constantly scour the English countryside to source a fabulous selection both rare and sporting; royal and aristocratic and importantly, unique, from which your personal itinerary will be created.

Our English countryside has it all: history; celebrity; culture; Olympic legends; private islands; fine dining and the villages that play host to the deadliest and most loved English county, Midsomer.

1.Realise Your Individual Potential

We do everything possible to understand what is important to you, and our experience has taught us three considerations that matter to us all:

Humphreys delivers the only "access all areas" pass to the Chilterns and the Cotswolds. We provide privileged access to private country estates and royal palaces, and bring traditional country pursuits alive for our guests.

2.Achieve Personalised Fulfilment

We will create wonderful itineraries based on the information that you share with us, and you then have the delightful job of choosing your preferred options and timings.

We ensure every element of your journey is prepared with absolute attention to detail, enabling you to enjoy a seamless, stress free and exceptional experience.

Whether you have chosen a beautiful horse ride through Windsor Great Park or a full week at Henley Royal Regatta, you can look forward to it in the knowledge that every detail has been curated and managed to perfection.

Your Choices

A fully curated itinerary for the duration of your stay, or.. A special one-activity of which you have always dreamed

A seamless 24 hour concierge service, or.. Simple reservations at the venues and activities of your choice







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