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Follow in the footsteps of DCI Barnaby and the perpetrators of the numerous murders in Midsomer. Experience the quirky cottages, ancient churches, cosy pubs and charming village greens that feature in the magical, but rather deadly, county of Midsomer.

We will escort you through the quintessentially English villages and towns, and rolling hills which feature in every episode.

Please choose from the 3 levels of 2-day experience that we offer - would you like a phototgrapher with you at all times to capture all of the special moments and then send them to you in your personal photo book? Would you like a concierge with you all times or are you happy with your driver and guide? Please choose what makes you happy and we will make it happen for you.

All 3 levels are offered with the opportunity of chauffeured helicopter or car. Please telephone us on 00 44 1491 575819 if you have any questions.

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